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Carry Permit Rules  (This excellent site has most state laws pertaining to firearms ownership and concealed carry)  (Official website of the Louisiana State Police Concealed Handgun Permit Section.  Go here to download the application packet and bring with you to our course.)  (Official website of the Louisiana Shooters Association.  Originally formed as a high-power rifle club, it has coalesced into a statewide organization dedicated to lobbying and protection of 2nd Amendment Rights for all shooting disciplines in Louisiana.  A great organization to become involved in.)  (Everyone that believes in the right to keep and bear arms should join this one.  Yes, it’s a big organization.  No, we don’t always agree with everything they promote.  But it remains a fact it is the premier gun rights organization in the U.S. and is the major reason we have retained strong protective legislation for firearms ownership over the years.  No other organization has the strength or membership of the NRA, and when they cough, Congress quivers.)  (Another powerful gun rights organization.  While not as numerically strong as the NRA, they are extremely pro-active, and anti-gunners pay attention when they speak.  Frequently works jointly with the NRA in protecting 2nd Amendment rights from attacks by the gun grabbers.  Very intellectually powerful arguments produced constantly on all issues of gun rights.  This was the organization that initiated the first lawsuit against the civil authorities to stop the gun confiscations in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Probably the most informative gun rights magazine around is their “New Gun Week” which is produced in newspaper tabloid style weekly—full of factoids on guns and gun politics from around the country.  You can’t go wrong with this one, either.)

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Here is an excellent site with lots of video clips on self defense, gun handling, caliber choice, and concealed carry firearms choices.


Pursuant to R.S. 40:1379.3(T)(1) a valid permit in another state is valid in Louisiana if the issuing state honors concealed handgun permits issued by Louisiana.

Permit holders are reminded that while carrying a concealed handgun in another state they are bound by that state's laws governing concealed carry and permittees from other reciprocal states are bound by Louisiana concealed carry laws while in Louisiana.

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